A Tale Of Two South Africans Who Married Other Africans

Whether you hate to love them or love to hate them, the following South Africans married a spouse from a fellow African country and it worked out beautifully


1. Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel (Mozambican)

Our number one celebrity/leader has to be none other than the honorable Nelson Mandela who married the inspirational Graca Machel of Mozambique. Graca Machel was the former first lady of Mozambique & South Africa, and she is the first & only woman ever to become the first lady of two different countries.

These lovebirds got married in the year 1998 and had a picture perfect marriage. Sadly, Nelson Mandela died in December 2013 leaving behind his beloved wife of 15 years.

“Mandela was a lonely man when I met him. We were both very lonely. We both wanted someone who’d understand… It just happened; I can’t explain it.” – Graca Machel


2. Tina Eboka and Fred Eboka (Nigerian)

The Ebokas might not be well known in the tabloids but this power couple is well known among business experts and the high profile elite.

Tina and Fred Eboka both studied in the USA in the 1990’s and they now live in South Africa. Tina is an influential leader in the South African business world and Fred is a prominent Nigerian fashion designer who dresses elite South African politicians.

Some of the positions held by Tina include: Exco Director at Standard Bank, Executive Director–Textile Technology Division at CSIR, Senior Manager at Woolworths. Fred and Tina Eboka have proven that it is possible to work hard and still build a successful family.

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