#Nigeria2019: Your basic electoral rights at your poll station


Elections are one of the most crucial national political events in Nigeria. From pre-independent times through to the return to stable democracy in 1999, every election period in Nigeria’s political history has been associated with deep emotions and concerns for a free, fair and credible electoral process.

The 2019 Presidential election has come and gone. President Mohammaddu Buhari has been re-elected for a second term in office by the vast majority of Nigerians.

#ElectionNotWar And Your Rights

We are now right in the middle of the gubernatorial and parliamentary elections across Nigeria, hence it is important to restate to fellow electorates that elections serve as an important opportunity for you and I as citizens of Nigeria to influence the politics of our dear nation. In so doing, it is also equally important for us to inform ourselves about our basic fundamental human rights at the poll stations.

On election day, remember that, you have a civic right to:

• To support any candidate of your choice.
• To vote freely for any candidate, and
• To have your vote kept confidential

As we go about our civic responsibility during this electoral period, please endeavor to stay out of all forms of violence.

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