Pancakes – plantain or banana and egg recipe

Pancakes! Flapjack! Waffles! These are a few of my favourite things. My 5-year old son and I love making pancakes and flapjacks together.

Kid in the kitchen

My son’s willingness to help is very useful in the kitchen. I enjoy working with him in the kitchen and I think he does too. In fact, he is turning into quite the little chef. He does a great job of safely fending for himself in the kitchen.

I am curious, do you also allow your kids to help you in the kitchen?

Back to the pancakes and flapjacks!

A few months ago, I was in the process of making my boys (son and husband) a random three course breakfast meal. I decided that pancakes were going to be the first course but I ran into a problem. The pancake flour mix was finished.

After a few moments of panic, I went into ‘Google, please help me mode’ and guess what I found?

I found a quick and easy two-ingredient healthy pancake recipe! Long story short, I made pancakes using only two ingredients – bananas and eggs. I used olive oil for frying but I don’t count that as an ingredient. The recipe I found was from Gimme Delicious.

Instructions on how to make the egg and banana or plantain pancakes


  • 4 bananas or use plantain to add a Nigerian twist
  • 4 eggs

You will also need:

  • Olive oil, butter or any other oil you like to use for frying
  • Frying pan
  • Stove


  • I made an avocado spread for our pancakes but you can use other toppings such as honey, syrup, cinnamon or fruits.
African bananas or plantain
Ingredients: Bananas or Plantain
African eggs
Ingredients: Eggs
Break eggs into a bowl and mash bananas or plantain into a separate bowl

Step 1: Break eggs into a bowl and mash bananas or plantain into a separate bowl
4 broken eggs and mashed bananas or plantain
Step 2: Mix the mashed bananas or plantain and the broken eggs to make butter. Thereafter, place oil or butter in a frying pan and make your pancakes or flapjacks.
The final product will be your egg and banana or plantain pancakes
pancakes with avocado spread

If you tried this recipe, please share your photos with me via the comment section. Comment below if you would like more articles about food.

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