Lagos to Jozi is about information, skills and opportunities

We’re providing information, skills and opportunities to promote justice and equality

Slum in Africa
  • Lagos to Jozi challenges and corrects misinformation through research and fact-checked articles.
  • You can join us to petition against unjust practices that negatively affect disadvantaged people in South Africa.
  • We’re building up a community of volunteers and activists who are willing and able to support causes that promote justice and equality.
  • Our platform facilitates conversations and debates about important socio-economic issues.
  • We want to upskill unemployed young people to help them increase their employability so they can find employment.
  • Lagos to Jozi supports small, medium and micro enterprises owned by people affected by inequality and injustice.
  • Look out for our ebooks and online courses that will help you upskill and identify new opportunities.
  • Volunteer with us to educate people affected by inequality and injustice about their rights and the constitution of South Africa.

Our collaborators, contributors and subscribers are important to us

  • We value all our collaborators, contributors and subscribers. You’re welcome to volunteer to contribute to our blog or collaborate with us to help those who need help the most.
  • You can volunteer virtually as a content creator, blogger or writer for the blog. Alternatively, you can become part of our professional advisors or fundraising partner.

Our mission statement

Lagos to Jozi seeks to empower people affected by inequality and injustice.

We provide information, skills and opportunities that empower people affected by inequality and injustice. Our focus is on unemployed youth and African immigrants in South Africa.

Information: education, employment, community, travel and food with Lagos to Jozi

  • The Lagos to Jozi blog provides information on immigration, employment, education, travel, food and community matters. 
  • We seek out (free and paid) external, online and offline skills development programmes that upskill people affected by inequality and injustice. Lagos to Jozi promotes free development courses e.g. Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

Our Co-Founders

Lagos to Jozi was founded by Ofentse Olunloyo and Akindele Olunloyo in 2015. The name was inspired by the two co-founders’ Nigerian-South African background story.