South Africa High Commission In Nigeria

National Flag of SA (South Africa High Commission in Nigeria)

South Africa High Commission in Nigeria was established to foster and nurture bilateral relations with Nigeria. Since the establishment of the formal relationship in 1994, South Africa and Nigeria have both established diplomatic missions in their respective country’s capital. South Africa’s consulate general’s office in Nigeria is located in Lagos while Nigeria also have two…

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Nigeria In South Africa

Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa And Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria shaking Hands

Welcome to Nigeria in South Africa! For starters, South Africa got its freedom from white minority rule in 1994. Immediately after that oppressive regime of apartheid came to an end, South Africa earnestly reached out to more countries in the world and particularly to African nations. The primary objective of these missions is to establish,…

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5 Popular South African Foods For Nigerians To Try


There are 5 popular South African foods I want to introduce you to. But before then, note that South African food is as colorful as its people, who speak 11 official languages and unofficial languages such as Tsotsitaal. Despite this, I’ve realized that most Nigerians in South Africa still prefer Nigerian food and that some…

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Minibus Taxi In Gauteng: 5 Questions To Ask Before Using Them

Mobile app - Khwela

Minibus taxi in Gauteng is the most available and affordable form of public transport, and by extension in most urban areas in South Africa. Despite the advantages associated with minibus taxis, the disadvantages sometimes outweigh the advantages. That’s why we put together 5 questions to help you overcome challenges associated with using the minibus taxi…

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James Hall Museum of Transport

James Hall Museum of Transport is a large and comprehensive museum of land transport, which was established in 1964 in Pioneer Park, Johannesburg. There are several exhibition halls that display transportation history dating back more than a century in South Africa. The museum makes for a great family trip. The Hop-on Hop-off Johannesburg City Open…

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The Johannesburg Zoo


Whether you call it Johannesburg Zoo or Joburg Zoo, the zoo in Johannesburg can be a good spot for a family picnic. How do I know? Well, my husband and I recently visited Johannesburg Zoo for the first time. Pitori to Jozi We are still new to Johannesburg so it took a while for us…

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