5 Popular South African Foods For Nigerians To Try

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Tribe/ Mogodu and Pap
Dumpling/ Dombolo
Boerewors/ Wors
South African Food - Vetkoek/ Magwinya
South African Food - Chicken Feet/ Maotwana

There are 5 popular South African foods I want to introduce you to. But before then, note that South African food is as colorful as its people, who speak 11 official languages and unofficial languages such as Tsotsitaal. Despite this, I’ve realized that most Nigerians in South Africa still prefer Nigerian food and that some Nigerians are yet to try South African food.

That is why I’ve decided to write this article about 5 popular South African foods for Nigerians in South African to try.

Remember the saying when in Rome, you do what the Romans do? I think it is very applicable in this case. Here is my recommended list of South African food that will give you a good taste of South Africa.

Vetkoek/ Magwinya

  • Pair with curried mince
  • Shop at Vuyo’s Restaurant in Soweto

South African Food - Vetkoek/ Magwinya

Tribe/ Mogodu

  • Pair with Samp, Dumpling Or Papa
  • Shop at Pata Pata Restaurant in Jeppestown or Vuyo’s Restaurant in Soweto

Dumpling/ Dombolo

  • Pair with your favorite stew
  • Shop at Vuyo’s Restaurant in Soweto

Chicken Feet/ Maotwana

  • Pair with Gravy and Pap
  • Shop at for chicken feet at Ayepyep Lifestyle

South African Food - Chicken Feet/ Maotwana


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