Minibus Taxis In Gauteng: 5 Questions To Ask Before Using Them

Minibus taxis in Gauteng are the most available and affordable form of public transport, and by extension in most urban areas in South Africa. Despite the advantages associated with minibus taxis, the disadvantages sometimes outweigh the benefits. That’s why I have put together five questions to help you overcome challenges related to using the minibus taxi in Gauteng. Make sure you have answers to the questions – for every trip. I recommend that you find a friendly taxi driver, a local, or a fellow Nigerian who can answer all these questions a day before your trip.

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Minibus taxis are the most popular mode of transport for most of South Africa’s population. In fact, the taxi industry is made up of 90% minibus taxis (Arrive Alive, 2018).

1: What is your minibus taxi destination?

Know the name of your destination (e.g. Johannesburg Zoo or Joburg Zoo), and street address (e.g. Jan Smuts Ave & Upper Park Dr, Parkview, Johannesburg, 2193).

Quick safety tips:

  • Do not get off in unfamiliar places or in the middle of nowhere.
  • If you are unfamiliar with your destination. Check it on Google Maps so that you know what to look out for.
  • If possible travel at a reasonable time, preferably not at night time.
  • Tell someone where you are going and update them as often as possible

Of the 36 lives lost daily on South African roads, 3 (8%) are killed in taxi-related incidents (Arrive Alive, 2018).

Photo by Akindele O. Olunloyo

2. Will the minibus taxi in Gauteng drop you off at your destination?

Unfortunately, a minibus taxi in Gauteng will not always be able to drop you off at your final or preferred destination. Taxis follow a predetermined route, known only by taxi drivers and frequent passengers. Try to check out Taximap; the website publishes up-to-date information regarding minibus taxi routes, price, hours of operation, and other relevant information for minibus taxis in Johannesburg and for many other major South African cities.

The taxi industry consists of about 150 000 minibus taxis (Arrive Alive, 2018).

3. What time must you be at your destination?

Once again, minibus taxis take a predetermined route that doesn’t always favor the passenger. Leave early to avoid being late. Waiting and travel times can be very long when using taxis so allocate two or three hours for waiting and traveling. Peak hours are early in the morning because there are many passengers going to work. Peak hours also occur late in the afternoon because there are numerous passengers going home from work.

During peak hours, there are long queues of taxi passengers, long waiting times, and a low number of taxis. During off-peak hours, there are short queues of taxi passengers, long waiting times, and high numbers of taxis. 

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4. Where do you get a minibus taxi to your destination?

Find out where you will be getting a taxi from. Is it from a taxi rank or by the side of the road? Which hand sign must you make to make the taxi stop? See this comprehensive multimedia information from Alberton Record on hand signs to make in order to catch a minibus taxi in South Africa. If you are going to a taxi rank then make sure you are standing in the right queue. If you are not sure that you are standing in the right queue then ask queue marshals, locals, and or taxi drivers.

Try this greeting when approaching them.

Sure boss, please where can I get a minibus taxi to Joburg Zoo?

5. Where in the minibus taxi should you sit?

If you are early or lucky enough to choose where to sit, make sure you do not sit in the backseat or the front passenger seat. Choose any other seat, maybe one close to the window, if you prefer, and you should be comfortable.

Do not sit in the front passenger seat of a minibus taxi if your mathematics and multilingual skills are poor. 

Minibus taxis in South Africa make the front passenger count the taxi fare

Whoever sits in the front passenger seat is expected to collect and count all the taxi fare. If you have never done this before, then you’re lucky because it is daunting. Both the driver and passengers can be very unforgiving about their money. Passengers want their change before they get off at their destination. The driver wants all his money, so if someone did not pay then you will be blamed. Most taxi passengers speak the local South African languages and not English. With that said, being a Nigerian and sitting in the front seat of a taxi in South Africa are like oil and water. They don’t mix!

But then, remember to be conscious of your safety on South African roads and more importantly if you are traveling with kids. SA Taxi Foundation puts pedestrian injury as the leading cause of death in children. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of road safety tips.

Photo by Akindele O. Olunloyo

Recap On Minibus Taxis in Gauteng

On a final note, remember to plan ahead before you dash out for your first minibus taxi ride by writing out your answers to the 5 questions above. Your answers will guarantee a pleasant minibus taxi ride for you. And don’t forget to share your South African minibus taxi experience in the comment section below. Please consider sharing this article.

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