Lagos Vs Jozi – A South African’s Review

Shawn Greyling is a Writer and one of the coolest Oyinbos in Jozi! He wrote a great review of Lagos (Lagos Vs Jozi) on Jhb Live and his first impression of Lagos is hilarious.

In case you don’t know: Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city (similar to Jozi in South Africa). The Yoruba people of Nigeria call it Eko. There are many clear similarities and differences between Lagos and Jozi. In fact, there are many news articles that have labeled the two cities as both friends and foes. That is why I enjoy reading reviews of both cities, more so when South Africans are reviewing Lagos. Consequently, I could not resist when I came across Shawn Grelying’s review of Lagos.

Shawn Greyling’s first impression

Lagos Vs Jozi

“At first sight, Lagos is like giving a blind man a front-row seat to the Armageddon, along with the ability to see for the first time.” – Shawn Greyling

Lagos Vs Jozi

[Lagos] “is an explosion of noise, of traffic straight from hell and smog that would leave a Greenpeace junky grabbing at his Ben Sherman shirt sleeve to cover his mouth.” – Shawn Greyling

Lagos Vs Jozi – the conclusion

Although his first impression indicated a form of culture shock, Shawn ended having a great time in Lagos. He ended up thinking that Lagos competes with Jozi for the best city in Africa.

Lagos Vs Jozi

On the drive back to the hotel I thought to myself, “Lord, Joburg’s got competition when it comes to being the best city in Africa…” – Shawn Greyling

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Quick facts about Lagos

  • Lagos’ Third Mainland Bridge is the second largest bridge in Africa.
  • The tallest building (160m) in Nigeria (Nigerian Telecommunication Company – NITEL) is in Lagos.

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Lagos to Jozi

Lagostojozi inspires informed travel decisions from Lagos to Johannesburg

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